Hi-C Aggregate Resource

We provide a Hi-C data aggregate resource. The aggregate is constructed of at least 3500 human, 6600 mouse and 400 drosophila SRA runs.

Full Aggregate for All Resolutions

All genome-wide Hi-C aggregate dataset for a species/resolution combination is available here . The downloaded file is in Hi-C Explorer format. Files range from a few MB to tens of GB, so download times may be long.

Gene Vectors

Obtain the contacts of a gene with the entire genome for various species/resolution combination under the Gene Vector tab. The downloaded vector is a BED file where the coloumns are chrom chromStart chromEnd contact_frequency. This file can be loaded in UCSC genome browser as a custom track

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Ruchi Lohia, Nathan Fox, and Jesse Gillis
A global high-density chromatin interaction network reveals functional long-range and trans-chromosomal relationships, BioRxiv, March 27 2022,
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Download Gene Vector

Gene Vectors for All Resolutions